Playing Sports with Braces

Many orthodontic patients are children and teenagers who live active lifestyles and play a variety of sports. As a parent, you only want the best for your child and keeping them safe is your top priority. Naturally, you might be asking yourself if your child can still play sports with braces. My answer: of course they can!

It’s always important to protect your teeth, so we recommend that all athletes—not just those with braces—wear mouth guards while playing sports. Many sports including football, hockey, lacrosse, and wrestling even require a mouth guard in order to participate. In my personal (and professional) opinion, all athletes should wear mouth guards regardless of sport. With kids running full speed ahead, elbows flying, and balls being thrown around, protection for your teeth is critical.

At Moravec Orthodontics, we ask that all our patients wear mouth protection. We have special mouth guards that fit over braces that we give to our athletes at no charge. You don’t want to damage a bracket and stall the progress braces have made on your smile. Additionally, if you have clear aligners, it’s best to store them in a safe place during a game or practice and wear a mouthguard during sports. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your teeth?

If your braces have been damaged while participating in a sports activity, simply call our office and we will make the necessary repairs and adjustments. We want you to get back on track to getting a straight smile! If your cheeks or lips have been cut, rinsing your mouth with salt water will clean the cuts and help in healing. Putting wax over a particularly irritating bracket can also help alleviate the pain. If the irritation persists, please schedule an appointment and we will happily fix the issue.  

Playing sports, and most importantly, being a kid, should never get in the way of orthodontics. We understand and want to help our patients get a straight smile while enjoying the perks of childhood. Wearing a mouthguard is a good habit to make, not only while wearing braces, but after orthodontic treatment is complete, as well. Protecting your teeth will ensure a healthy, straight smile for years to come! For more information on what to expect from orthodontics and how to get the smile you have always wanted, check out Going the Extra Smile: Merging Technology and Expertise for a Lifetime of Smiles.