Woman with ceramic braces

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces

Have you ever had to do a double-take when someone smiled at you because you couldn’t tell if he or she had braces on? This individual most likely had ceramic braces! 

What exactly are ceramic braces?

Ceramic brackets are clear or tooth-colored brackets made of either ceramic or porcelain. At Moravec Orthodontics, we use ceramic brackets due to their durability and similarity to metal brackets. They are glued to the teeth in the same manner as traditional braces. Treatment time, including the number of orthodontic appointments, is the same as traditional metal braces, as well. 

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The benefit to ceramic braces is their near-invisible look. Since these brackets are clear or tooth-colored, they are less noticeable and your eye doesn’t immediately notice the braces. 

In our increasingly digital world that has placed such a large emphasis on social media, ceramic braces are a great option because you can hardly notice them in pictures. For individuals who need traditional braces to correct their smile but don’t want to flash metal with each grin, ceramic braces are a great compromise. 

Are there any drawbacks?

The main downside to ceramic braces regards its size—the brackets are a bit larger because the material is more brittle than metal. Because of this, the brackets need to be slightly larger to be strong enough to handle the wire. However, this does not mean that these brackets have a tendency of breaking. While the material itself is not as strong, the manufacturing process accounts for this, so the final ceramic bracket is no more likely to break or loosen than a metal bracket. 

Moving Forward

Because ceramic brackets are larger than those made of metal, it can be harder to clean the teeth and perform diligent oral hygiene. This is why combination therapy is so popular! Mixing and matching types of treatment to capitalize on the advantages of each is often a great option. In the instance of using ceramic braces, we would apply these clear brackets to the top front teeth, those that are most visible when smiling. Metal brackets would then be applied to the back and bottom teeth. 

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