SureSmile 3d dental xray

Your Guide to Accelerated Orthodontics

Over the past couple of decades, orthodontics have changed a great deal. The improvements in materials, processes, and systems means that we can often get great results faster for our patients.

Today I’m going to talk about one system in particular that speeds up the process, SureSmile. (Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.)

Speed Up Your Smile: How SureSmile Accelerates Orthodontic Treatment

This orthodontic system was developed in the mid-2000s. It combines 3-D imaging, digital image manipulation, and robotics. I’ve been using it since 2007 and have now treated more than 3,500 patients with SureSmile. Obviously, I’m a fan! I’ve found it to be the most accurate and fastest way to straighten teeth. Here’s what makes it different from other braces:

3-D treatment planning. Instead of using 2-D X-rays and plaster models of the teeth, SureSmile relies on 3-D technology for treatment planning. The teeth, roots, and bone are scanned and can then be manipulated virtually in a 3-D environment. This enhanced treatment planning allows orthodontists to calculate the movement of the teeth to the nearest 0.1 mm.

Advanced wires. While the brackets used in SureSmile are the same, the wires are not. SureSmile uses super-elastic wires that are bent by robot, which results in exceptional accuracy. The wires are composed of a special alloy that provide constant, gentle force without losing shape.

Mid-treatment check-up. With SureSmile, the braces go on and then at some point during treatment, typically from two to eight months, we do a 3-D scan to see the teeth, roots, and bones. This allows me to tweak the treatment on computer and see how everything will look – not just the teeth, but the lips, chin, and nose, too – once it’s complete. I upload this tweaked plan to the digital lab and the robots go about bending wires precisely so I can help my patients get the smile they want.

Why My Patients Love SureSmile

My patients love SureSmile for a couple reasons. For one, it doesn’t look or feel any different to them than regular braces. Also, we can space out appointment, so instead of coming in every four weeks for a “tune-up,” SureSmile patients come every six to eight weeks. My busy patients (and who isn’t busy nowadays?) really appreciate this.

But mostly, they love the faster treatment time! We can reduce treatment time from 24 months to 16 months, which is an enormous reduction. For less complicated cases, time in braces can be significantly less.

Do you want your dream smile faster? Ask your orthodontist if they offer SureSmile, or, if you’re in the Plainfield, IL area, come visit us.