Hand holding clear aligners

The Ultimate Guide to Clear Aligners

Clear aligners like Invisalign (the most well-known brand of aligners) are one of the greatest advancements in orthodontics since I started practicing thirty years ago. Since they’ve come on the market, the number of adult patients has exploded. Adults prefer clear aligners to traditional metal brackets and wires because they’re much less visible but incredibly […]

SureSmile 3d dental xray

Your Guide to Accelerated Orthodontics

Over the past couple of decades, orthodontics have changed a great deal. The improvements in materials, processes, and systems means that we can often get great results faster for our patients. Today I’m going to talk about one system in particular that speeds up the process, SureSmile. (Note: This is not a sponsored post and […]

3-D X-Rays: Everything You Need to Know

Technology is moving at fast pace and these changes touch every industry in one way or another. In the field of orthodontics, advancement in technology has led to treatments that are faster, more comfortable, and less expensive. It’s also led to improvement in the diagnostic process. 3-D X-rays are an example of these advancements. It […]

Eating with Braces

A common concern many patients have when they first get braces, or when they’re thinking about getting braces, is eating. “How do I eat with braces on?” they wonder. Fortunately, adjusting to life with braces is not hard, especially if you follow this advice. The First Few Days of Braces I recommend soft foods immediately […]

The Top 5 Benefits of a Healthy Smile

It’s wonderful to look in the mirror and love the smile you see. But there are more benefits of a healthy smile than simply liking how it looks. Oral Health Benefits Toothache and gum disease are painful and can lead to infection, tooth loss, and other complications if unchecked. But a healthy, straight smile makes […]

Child pulling teeth

Is Pulling Teeth Necessary?

One question we hear often is, “Will my child need to have teeth pulled?” Here’s what to know about pulling teeth, and why your child may or may not need an extraction.   Then and Now Not long ago – that is, around twenty or thirty years ago – extractions were commonplace in orthodontic treatment. […]

Power of a smile - woman smiling during a job interview

The Power of a Smile

Have you ever been happy to be pulled over by a police officer? I have. One day on the way to work an Illinois State Trooper started flashing their lights behind me. I was not thrilled, to say the least. The officer came over, smiled, and asked if I recognized him. It turns out he’d […]

How to Clean Your Braces

When you’ve got braces, it’s extremely important to keep them clean. Wires and brackets can trap food particles and sugars, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Since October is National Dental Hygiene Month, it’s the perfect time to look at how to keep your braces clean.  Brush Well and Often The best […]

Young man with braces

Navigating Your First Days with Braces

Congratulations—you have taken the first steps in achieving the white, straight smile you have always wanted! Wearing braces is a unique situation, so you’re probably wondering what to expect in the coming days. Don’t worry, I have some guidelines for you!  Your first week with braces will feel different based on the type of orthodontic […]